Covid 19 update from Get Schooled: 

We will ask each family to take their child's temperature each morning before
they arrive at camp. Each child should also bring a face mask each day. Children will be required to
wear their masks as we travel from site to site as well as in the shop. While we are fishing, students will not be required to wear their masks unless their parents request it. The same will apply to our staff.
Students will be assigned a specific rod for the week but note that our staff will also handle the equipment and tackle. We will also have hand sanitizer on hand but request that you provide your own. If we have any issues related to a student or staff member potentially being infected, we will cancel the camp for the remainder of the summer.


Jon Shepro and Eric Mongirdas

Founders Get Schooled Fishing Academy 


Fun Is the Name of the Game

2021 summer dates now open on the Rates and Schedule tab!

If you’re looking for a fun, educational and social way to learn to fish, look no further than Get Schooled. 

Whether you’ve never held a rod, or are looking to improve your skills, students benefit from our years of fishing and teaching experience to explore new opportunities.


Jon Shepro and Eric Mongirdas, co-founders of Get Schooled, have been teachers in Fairfield County for over 20 years. Our mission is to provide a safe, fun, fishing experience on Long Island Sound as well as local lakes and rivers where students have the opportunity to develop social skills.  Students have the opportunity to learn new skills such as tying knots, casting techniques, equipment care and more! Most importantly, the kids can make new friends, have fun, and learn how to catch some fish.

Through an exciting and entertaining curriculum, our goal is to provide individual attention from dedicated instructors that make this an unforgettable experience.  If you're interested in learning about fishing or spending more time down by the water come on and join us!  All students get a T-shirt with their experience!

*Get Schooled follows state and local regulations and teaches safety extraction measures to release the fish.


Heading 1

Man Fishing


Students practice:

  • Correct rod, reel, and line selection

  • Casting technique

  • Rigging and knot tying

  • Fishing with bait and lures

  • Fish fighting skills

  • Fish handling

Fish that might be caught include:

  • Fluke (summer flounder)

  • Sea Bass

  • Striped Bass

  • Blue Fish

  • Large Mouth Bass

  • Pickerel

  • Blue Gill

  • Perch

Fishing Tackle


Our camp provides bait and tackle from a local Tackle Shop.  This allows you to take the time to learn useful and exciting skills while creating unforgettable memories.